Whitehaven author Alan Cleaver will discuss his work during a new literary festival that is being launched across libraries throughout the county.

Tom Ashton, a Cumbria County Council Library Outreach Project Officer, has announced the launch of ‘A Write Natter’ – a literature festival in collaboration with Barra Culture.

The aim of the festival is to increase interest in literacy, to help budding authors reach their potential, and to offer Cumbrians happier lives through a creative outlet.

Tom will conduct a 45-60 minute public interview with Mr Cleaver on Friday 4 February, where he will be discussing local history.

Tom explains: “I’ve always loved interviewing authors, finding out about their processes and careers, but Cumbria is so vast that wherever you conduct the interview, you tend to exclude half of the county. I wanted to conduct interviews across all the different areas within a short space of time.”

The interview will be streamed on the Barrow Library Facebook page, so people with disabilities or those self-isolating don't miss out.

Tom continued: “I can’t wait to showcase all the literary talent we have here in Cumbria!"

Tickets are £2 per person. To book, email tom.ashton@cumbria.gov.uk or cathy.fidler@cumbria.gov.uk, or contact Whitehaven Library.