A stage school has thanked all those involved for their time and effort in a lockdown-produced musical.

Whitehaven stage school A&B Stage School put on a production of Legally Blonde, however due to the Covid pandemic affecting rehearsal and time on the stage, it took two years to get it shown properly.

Explaining more about this, Beth Clark, who runs the school with her husband Alex, said: "We were meant to do it in July 2020, and because of Covid we put the show on hold, but kept rehearsing and practicing online via Zoom.

"It kept getting set back because of all of the rules.

"It was only in September last year that we were able to run it properly.

"We have a full team of people who do everything and help it run smoothly."

On the show, when it finally came to the stage, Beth said: "It was amazing.

"The kids did so well to work over the past two years, from out littlest who was four years old and the oldest who was 16.

"It had a cast of 45 and then we have a team of 15 other staff helping out."

Moving forward, Beth said they have another production in the pipelines.

She said of the new production of High School Musical which they will be soon taking auditions for: "We are giving ourselves a year to do it, so we are looking at January 2023.

"If someone wanted to audition, they would have to come along to the classes - we will be auditioning in around 4 or 5 weeks."

On the decision to make the production of Legally Blonde, Beth said: "We just loved it.

"I have seen it live, and we know it was upbeat, fun, and modern, and it was also American which the kids love.

"It is also something different.

Beth said that all those reasons are why they chose to do High School Musical next.

For more information about auditioning for High School Musical, email Beth at b_mcgarry@hotmail.com.