A UNIQUE club event is set to come to Carlisle.

The Hive, a collective of DJs from Cumbria, is following on from their success at Solfest last year with a club night at Tribe in Carlisle's Bitts Park, described as a  ‘creative and cultural courtyard’.

The Hive's brand owner, a Keswick DJ called Ian Dunn, who goes by the stage name Dunnerz, said that The Hive is all about bringing people together through music.

He said: "Last year, [Solfest] was a big success, so I thought the Hive has room to be big in Carlisle.

"[The Hive] has a big range of genres - techno, progressive house, disco, trance, et cetera - and I wanted to bring the feeling that people are a part of a brand, that's where I got the name of The Hive; a beehive cannot work without all the bees working together, I want everyone to feel like they are together in a similar way.

"I used to be in raves a while ago and I remember how it was.

"It was more comfortable, there wasn't as much of a threat of getting stolen from, there were no phones everywhere, it was better - I want to bring that back.

"There is slogan for The Hive, 'Be More You', and that is the vibe I want to bring."

While Ian explained that he wants to bring people closer to the music in a figurative sense, he also wants to do it in a more literal way.

He explained: "At Solfest my stage was not a big, main stage, and I want that similar intimacy where you can literally put your hand out and touch the DJ.

"At Solfest people wanted to come and stand behind the DJ booth.

"[A family] came behind with to have a look, and to be able to stand behind the performer and have a proper look at what they're doing is a great thing. I want people to be able to do that."

The Hive is a Cumbria-wide brand, as Ian explained it has DJs from Carlisle, Workington, Keswick, St Bees, Whitehaven, Windermere and Silloth.

Lauren Crowther, Marketing & Events Manager from Tribe Carlisle, said: “Tribe are super excited to be hosting The Hive’s mini festival in February, this really is something unique for Carlisle and will enrich Cumbria’s arts and culture offering – which is something we are here to support.

"Tribe’s ethos is all about delivering accessible affordable experiences, which in this case, is a festival vibe, without the hefty price tag.”

The set is from Saturday, February 26 at 12pm to midnight, repeating again on Sunday, and is 18+.

There will also be multiple street food vendors available.

To buy a ticket for the event, click here.