Aspatria RUFC have announced the return of their annual President’s Tatie Pot Supper.

A dish of communal eating, the Cumbrian Tatie Pot is a rare English dish that mixes its meats, something more common on Continental Europe. The stew of meat can also be mixed with black pudding and vegetables. Like a Lancashire Hotpot, it is topped with a layer of thinly sliced potatoes and baked until they form a crisp crust.

The rugby club’s supper is something of tradition in the area and after recent regulations, the club have announced that it will return on February 18.

As the event takes place at the half-way point of the Six Nations tournament, Aspatria RUFC will welcome current RFU President Jeff Blackett as the guest of honour.

A barrister, Mr Blackett retired from a distinguished career with the Royal Navy in the rank of Commodore and was Judge Advocate General from 2004-20. He has been President of the RFU since June 2020.

The event is free; however the club intend on raising funds in order to provide a donation for the Injured Player Foundation. Seating for the supper is limited and reservations can be made by contacting Club President Alan Bowes on 07900 415129 before January 31st.