A PACKED shippon saw enthusiastic next generation youngsters and parents compete in the successful Young Farmers Singles Night at Bentham Auction Mart.

Auctioneer Greg MacDougall described all the classes 'keenly contested'.

Judging was carried out by John Holdsworth, who awarded this year's champion rosette to Ellie Jackson of Bentham.

Ellie's lamb came from the short wooled class, scaling 52kg and sellng for £275.

The young farmer also sold her ‘Best Presented’ lamb to top the sale at £285. Both were purchased by Jack Foster, Wigglesworth for future breeding.

Liam Whitaker, Clapham, recorded his personal best taking reserve champion. This lamb weighed 46kg later selling for £190 to

Harry Wood on behalf of Bowland Foods. Anne Marie Huddleston, Wray took the red rosette in the long wooled lamb class (up to 11yo) selling for £132 to the judge.

On the day of his 17th birthday, Isaac Middleton, Lowgill won first prize in the long wooled class for 12-22yo with a Mule lamb scaling 52kg, selling for £140.

'A great night with plenty of atmosphere and a great turnout of 46 lambs. A credit to all vendors!' said Greg MacDougall.

Away from the show, a huge entry of 4512 prime lambs were forward. Fed lambs a strong trade and heavy sheep getting away better than expected and sharper than early week sales.