The manager of Workington Reds' New Year's Day opponents came to the rescue of a trapped sheep before today's game.

Clitheroe FC boss Billy Priestley was filmed helping free the animal from a barbed wire fence after the team stopped just off the M6 on their way to Cumbria.

Helped by players and officials, the Lancashire club's boss was shown easing the sheep out of the wire by its horns.

The sheep quickly ran back into the field after being released, and the team returned to their transport to complete their trip to west Cumbria for this afternoon's Northern Premier League Division One North West game.

It was perhaps appropriate that 32-year-old Priestley should come to the sheep's rescue - given his former clubs include Ramsbottom...

Come the game, the visiting side were not exactly lambs to the slaughter - but they were still left feeling a little sheepish by full-time as they were beaten 1-0 thanks to Sam Smith's goal for the Borough Park side.