POLICE are working to combat rising incidents of antisocial behaviour in the city centre.

A spokesman said that there had been an 'expected rise' in this type of behaviour during school holidays, but businesses are reporting both an increase in shop theft and abuse towards staff.

The Carlisle Business Crime Awareness group reportedly send security staff on a plain clothed operation in the town centre last weekend.

On the group's Facebook page, the security guards reported people being detained for theft of fragrances worth £140, a football and the theft of a mountain bike from a supermarket.

Two females were detained for what was described as a large theft from various stores including coffee makers and fragrance gift sets.

Four girls were detained for a £27 alcohol theft and one man, heavily under the influence of drink, was deterred from the theft of a designer bag.

'Professional beggars' who travelled to the city have been reported to the police.

There were several other incidents of attempted shop lifting and assistance was given to a woman who was unwell in the city.

A group of 15 young people were dispersed from the town centre.

"Staff should feel safe at work and not have the fear of persistent offenders targeting their stores and threats of violence that is happening on a daily basis," the post said, and urged everyone to report all offences

A police spokesman said: “We have seen a slight expected rise over the school holidays with groups of young people meeting in the city centre in the late afternoons.

"We have increased foot patrols to target these groups and disperse them out of the city centre area when necessary.

“We have also been working with our partners in the city centre to identify those individuals committing anti-social behaviour.

“Several parents have also been requested by Police to come into town to pick up their children and parents have very been supportive of our actions.

“We urge parents to discourage their children to meet up in large groups in the city centre. We understand most young people do not cause any issues however matters soon can soon escalate into anti- social behaviour."

The spokesman said antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated by the police and partners: "It negatively affects individuals, their wider families, and whole communities.

“Parents can all support this by asking where their children are going, we would also encourage the public to continue to report anti-social behaviour as this is the best way to direct resources to the right areas to combat these incidents."

Anyone with any information regarding anti-social behaviour is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111