CUMBRIAN MP Tim Farron has introduced a new bill to Parliament to protect Cumbrian farmers from the negative impacts of the Government’s trade deals.

Mr Farron's Private Member’s Bill would mandate the new ‘Trade and Agriculture Commission’ to undertake an impact assessment of any new trade deal on the UK farming industry and ensure the Government considers the environmental and animal welfare implications when negotiating trade deals.This would include an assessment of the impact of new trade deals on farming communities in each region and nation of the UK.

Crucially, the Bill would guarantee the power of MPs to have the final say on any trade deals signed by the Government. This is something that they currently lack the power to do and would allow MPs act as a final safeguard for UK farmers.

Mr Farron said: “Farmers, particularly those working on small family-run farms, are the backbone of the rural economy. But our farming community is being let down by the Conservatives, who simply don’t understand farming. They’ve failed to ensure that our world leading standards are not eroded in the new trade deals they’re signing, risking our farmers' livelihoods. My bill will guarantee that MPs can act as a final safeguard on future trade deals and ensure that the impact of any trade deal on farmers is properly assessed so we can properly scrutinise it.”