A number of shops in a busy town centre have been targetted by vandals.

Big names and independent shops alike have been affected by the vandalism, which took place on Campbell Savours Way, Workington

Dominos, Home Bargains and Angel Nails were among the shops affected.

The shop front windows of both Dominos and Angel Nails have been shattered.

Oliver Lukeman, a member of staff at Angel Nails, said they are lucky that their window hasn't "caved in" yet. 

"I imagine we will probably have to take some time off to get this sorted," said Oliver, 21.

"We take clients by appointment [every] hour. If we are having to close, we will lose many of those appointments."

On how the damage has affected him as a member of staff, Oliver said: "I'm not too bad, but I have had clients say that it is worrying." 

Workington Town Councillor, Billy Miskelly, was saddened to hear about the damage. 

He said: What I am worried about is [that] the shop keepers have [already] had a hard time with [Covid-19].

"Adding to it this anti-social behaviour, they are struggling. 

"I really feel for my town. This [type of thing] is a problem that seems unsolvable, but we must solve it."

Police have been contacted for further information.