Last Christmas, as the pandemic was at its peak, a man from West Cumbria organised an astounding effort to help vulnerable children.

Jordan Mattinson, of Whitehaven, organised the delivery of 4000 carrier bags of food to help children of low income families. After being inspired by footballer Marcus Rashford's campaign.

This fantastic Christmas gesture helped those in need to receive free meals during the school holidays.

Friends and businesses in the area rallied together in what was a difficult time to help raise thousands in order to buy the food packages.

Mr Mattinson said: "What an unbelievable response from the community, from all the volunteers and businesses and organisations who have helped us. I have never been more proud or happy with anything I’ve ever been involved in. None of this would be possible without the family we have, the friends we have, and the community we have."

Around fifty volunteers helped to pack up the food last December and each family involved received two carrier bags.

In total this came to an astounding twenty tonnes of food that helped West Cumbrian children and their families have a Christmas they would never forget.

As the festive period approaches this year, will we see another selfless act of charity in our community.