A PROTEST has been announced against against a Cumbrian MP.

Asa Pegler, a 17-year-old trans activist from Cockermouth, has published TikTok videos calling for action against Workington MP Mark Jenkinson, one of which has thousands of shares and likes.

His group, ‘Cumbria United’, is organising a protest against Mr Jenkinson for his ‘transphobic’ statements, which will be held in Workington town centre, on January 15 at 1pm.

Asa said: “There is a great risk to trans lives in Cumbria due to his beliefs.

“Most people see MPs as those who are trustworthy, intelligent people who know what’s right, therefore he’s highly influential to those who hold him so high in society.

“It’s almost as if to some, if he says it, it must be correct, which is incredibly damaging.

“When a young person reads his hatred, it could be the last straw for them, it could cause them to hate themselves and who they are which could lead to depression, anxiety, and in severe cases, self-injury and suicide.

This is something he said Mr Jenkinson doesn’t understand.

He also said there is a risk that people could take his statements too far and commit hate crimes and assaults to trans people.

Asa continued to say Mr Jenkinson needs to be educated on trans issues.

He said: “His Twitter is not for him to retweet and share hate, it’s for him to inform his constituents what he’s doing and working on to make his community a better place.

“It’s not for him to comment on people’s lives, sexuality, gender identity or any other protected characteristics as that’s not what people have voted him in to do.”

If this fails, he said appealing for his ‘transphobic’ tweets to be removed would work, which he said is unlikely to happen.

The final option, he said, would be to not vote for him in the next election.

The plans for the protest are to be a physical one.

Mr Jenkinson, who denies the label ‘transphobic’ and identifies as ‘gender-critical’, said in response: “The [TikTok] videos are quite deranged.

“Trans men aren’t men, and trans women aren’t women — sex is something we cannot change, that is the scientific view.”