Readers have been responding to a story following the resurfacing of a major road in Carlisle.

Cumbria County Council will be carrying out resurfacing works on Eastern Way on Monday November 29, and finish on Friday, December 21.

A spokesperson from the council said: "We apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption this may cause, we aim to carry this out in two phases whilst maintaining access for the fire station.

"We will be unable to reopen the road at night due to the need to install a synthetic geogrid to reinforce the foundations."

Readers had some things to say.

Ian Foster said: "Well they did a road in Maryport, and left the rest that is terrible.

"Flimby Road has just been forgotten about, unbelievable as normal.

"Half a job, same as Dearham Road in Maryport, patch work, full of pot holes."

Carol Kennedy said: "The rest of Pennine Way and Edgehill Road need to be finished off first as the road surface is horrific at the bottom end."

Gary Turnstall said: "Making it last until just before Christmas then, I’ve seen 5 mile stretches of 3 lane motorway done in less time!"

Doug Murphy said: "Probably will end up taking more than 3 weeks due to the weather.

"Can't lay tarmac in weather which is too cold or too wet."

Jacqueline Bilsland said: "Typical near Xmas.

"I feel sorry for supermarket and pioneer, people are gonna avoid waiting in traffic."

David Bullman didn't see an issue with the road: "Are they just wasting there road budget for the year cause I can't see anything up with it?"