Readers have been sharing their reactions to a story following a local hero's actions.

A group of residents have rallied to support the more vulnerable members of their community by clearing the snow and ice from their pavements.

Stanwix resident Brian Wernham decided he would mobilise a team of snow shovelers to clear the snow and ice around residential homes on Rosebery Road and Well Lane after Carlisle saw a flurry of snow and icy conditions.

Putting their shovels - and 30p table salt from Tescos - to the pavements, Brian and his team hope to improve the safety of streets for older and less able residents.

Brian said he hopes he can fuel a greater community spirit through the act, but initially aims to reduce the number of broken bones suffered during the winter.

He said: "All it takes is for someone to go outside for five or 10 minutes just as the snow has finished falling and clear it off with an ordinary shovel.

"It only takes a minute or two.

"I think we could get a lot more people to do this across the whole of Carlisle."

Brian also employed the help of faithful family dog, Bella.

Readers shared their support.

Kelly Hogg said: "Good on you well done!

"Need more people like you doing a fantastic job off your own back."

Neil Birkett thought the council should do it: "Remember the council truck, two lads on the back with spades doing the pavements, they do jack now."

Eleanor Jean Taylor looked out for the dog: "Very kind but hope he washed his dog's paws when he finished as salt can make them ill."

Ian Green said: "He's a good bloke.

"He was also a vaccination volunteer."