A JURY has found a Carlisle man guilty of falsely imprisoning a woman at his flat following a prolonged assault earlier this year.

Dean Haughan, 31, of Stonegarth, was also found guilty of committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence after a trial at Carlisle Crown Court this week.

He had already admitted actual bodily harm assault on the woman, who he kicked and punched in and around his Hartington Place bedsit on the night of May 12.

During his trial, CCTV footage showed him approaching the woman with a knife behind his back as she lay prone and partially clothed on a landing.

The woman suffered a facial injury, a dislocated knee and bruises across her body.

Haughan - completely naked in some video clips - admitted making a threat to kill her, and assaulting her female friend who he grabbed by the hair and ejected from his room.

Both women had gone to Haughan's home just before midnight, having earlier consumed alcohol.

They drank more at Haughan’s bedsit, where all three took cocaine.

There was music on and the mood was initially good before Haughan and the woman’s friend began arguing after a 'threesome' was suggested.

Haughan grabbed her hair, warned her pal was 'not going anywhere' and shoving her out of the room.

The friend went home, slept and returned the next day with a man.

They found the woman inside the bedsit, injured, with blood 'all over' the floor and bed.

“She was in some state,” the woman said of her friend, who was scrabbling to put on clothes. “She was like a shell. It was like she wasn’t there.”

She asked Haughan: “What have you done to her?”

He denied doing anything.

The woman described waking up in Haughan’s bed in the morning.

"I’ve gone. Just blank,” she told police of her memory loss. “I went in the house all right and then came out not all right. I can’t remember anything after half-past one.”

Haughan will be sentenced on January 11.