An orphaned seal that was rehabilitated by the RSPCA after being rescued from Cumbria in 2016, has been seen again in North Wales - this time with her nine-day-old pup.

The seal, nicknamed Admiral’s Ale, came into the care of the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich in late December 2016 after being found as an injured orphan pup on Walney Island.

On Sunday, November 21, she was spotted with her newborn pup on a beach in North Wales and later identified by Kate Williams of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust - because of the orange tag visible in the webbing of her right flipper.

Evangelos Achilleos, manager at East Winch Wildlife Centre, said the emotional sighting of the pair emphasises the impact of the RSPCA’s rehabilitation work.

He said: "When orphan seal pups are admitted to us, the staff at our wildlife centres work relentlessly, feeding them from 8am to 11pm daily, which is extremely labour intensive.

“Our dedicated and knowledgeable wildlife assistants, vets and volunteers work so hard to get animals fully fit and back to the wild for release where they’re meant to be.

"Five years on, and Admiral has thrived in nature and gone on to breed."