A TOWN group held a special event for their members.

The group, known as Brampton Fairtrade Town Group, held this special event on Friday, November 19, 2021, at Brampton Community Centre.

A spokesperson from the Brampton Fairtrade Town Group reported: "Club member Steve Bowles organised and ran a quiz evening.

"He also planned and cooked a meal for 40 people, helped by Izzy Bowles, Eileen Norman, Kate Alllan, Chris Lloyd, Linda Warnes and Fiona Sweetman, all of whom are members and supporters of the Brampton Fairtrade Town Group.

"There was a bar selling Fairtrade wine and juice as well as local beer, plus a Fairtrade raffle with prizes donated by Brampton businesses and members of the group."

Fairtrade is an arrangement designed to help producers in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships.

Members of the fairtrade movement add the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards.

The Fairtrade Foundation describes their vision as a world in which trade is based on fairness so that producers earn secure and sustainable livelihoods.

The spokesperson continued: "The theme of the special evening was ‘Back to School’.

"Some quizzers embraced the theme by wearing school ties.

"The quiz itself was based on nine popular school subjects.

"The winning team was named ‘Grange Hill’ and their prize was a basket of luxury Fairtrade products.

"The annual general meeting (AGM) came in the middle of the evening.

"Reports read out by Eileen Norman covered the last two years of activities.

"Linda Warnes was thanked for her work on keeping the accounts and Jim Williamson was thanked for auditing them.

"It was explained that most of the funds raised by the group are invested in the Carlisle One World Shop and in a shared interest account."

The Carlisle One Shop sells gardening products, accessories, and home furnishings, which are all Fairtrade.

Continuing with the report, the spokesperson said: "An appeal was made for new members to join the group in order to continue to drive forward Fairtrade initiatives in the town.

"The evening went extremely well and was enjoyed by all."