A business owner has spoken out about a repeated issue with fly tipping behind their shop.

The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has shared a photograph taken from CCTV footage, showing an alleged case of fly tipping at the back of their shop in Harraby.

He said: "For the third time in a week fly tippers have been caught red handed on CCTV as fly tipping continues at an alarming rate in and around Central Avenue in Harraby.

"With simple household waste making up the majority of the rubbish dumped retailers are continually having to tidy up and dispose of rubbish in their commercial rubbish bins as well as pick up the cost of disposal.

"Along with household waste, TV's, packaging and methadone bottles have been dumped with nearly every retailer affected at some point recently.

"Reluctantly in order to stem the epidemic retailer have installed extra CCTV and taken to social media to share the footage."

They also explained that the issue affects more than just their shop, but other shops as well.

Fly tipping is a matter of concern for Carlisle City Council.

Carlisle City Cllr Nigel Christian, Portfolio holder for Environment and Transport, said: “Fly-tipping is a serious environmental crime for which there is no excuse.

"It is also very expensive - money that could be better spent in the community.

“We’re committed to improving the environment and keeping Carlisle clean.

"We have invested in a new electric camera van and additional enforcement officers to help us track down those that don’t follow the rules.

"The vehicle is a safe way of capturing and recording vehicle registrations and, where possible, the actual crime being committed.

“We urge residents to report enviro-crimes, including littering and fly-tipping by emailing customerservices@carlisle.gov.uk

“We will then investigate and take action where we can.”

Carlisle City Council has a new fleet of six fully electric vehicles including an enforcement camera vehicle.

It is deployed within Carlisle to tackle environmental offences such as littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling.

The fully electric vehicle benefits the local air quality by reducing noise pollution and zero emissions.

Equipped with CCTV, it uses a pan-tilt-zoom camera system which can be rotated 360 degrees and can be operated remotely.