The Times and Star readers have been sharing their views on the possible cancellation of the Blencathra Foxhounds meeting this Boxing Day.

Keswick Town Council voted last week to send a letter to the Blencathra Foxhounds asking them not to go ahead with their usual Market Square meet on Boxing Day.

Eight councillors voted to send the letter, while one abstained and one voted against. Two councillors were not present.

Here's what you had to say.

Tex Houghton said: "Too much of our heritage is being destroyed by woke, pc's and people who just object to everything because it is the 'modern way.' I am proud of our history and traditions. We may have gained power through strength in some parts of the world, but where would they be without our intervention....probably extinct. Go for it."

Andrew Bell said: "It’s history leave it alone."

Reg Whitehead said: "Keep doing it."

One person, Susan Roper, disagreed with this sentiment. She said: "Get it banned."

The town council does not have any power to prevent the Foxhounds from gathering.

Blencathra Foxhounds traditionally gathers on December 26th to allow supporters and the public to meet the hounds.

Alan Dunn, Mayor of Keswick, said in a statement read at the Town Council meeting: "Thank you for your proposal that the council write to Blencathra Foxhounds asking them not to attend the Market Square on Boxing Day.

"You appreciate that the Council has no powers to ban the Blencathra hunt from attending, but, as you say, we have the ability to write and to ask them not to attend.

"For the past few years this council has resisted writing said letter for various reasons.

"My own being that it was another lost traditional event.

"Things have changed dramatically since we have last wrote it.

"As you have rightly pointed out, with the conviction of Mark Hankinson and the subsequent suspension of the licence to trail hunt on land owned by the National Trust, the Lake District National Park, the Forestry Commission, United Utilities and others.

"My stance has changed. I am now in favour of the letter as you request that will stay in place while the suspensions remain."