COPELAND Council is urging residents suffering from domestic abuse to come forward.

The Council is taking part in the worldwide 16 days of Action Against Domestic Violence campaign, supported by Public Health England.

One service user said: "I have suffered domestic abuse for 23 years. I walked out on my partner and went to Copeland Borough Council.

"They have a fantastic team to help you. I had a lovely safe place to stay within two hours. All the help is there for you, the team deal with everything.

"I have been free from my abuser for five months, and now I have a new home and a new life. You don’t have to suffer anymore."

The campaign will run from November 25th until December 10th with the campaign celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Various forms of domestic violence will be highlighted, raising awareness and encouraging others to speak up.

Copeland Council has supported 449 adults and children since the service was introduced in 2018.

Another service user said: "I have never had the pleasure of receiving such amazing, life-changing support.

"Your officers have not just helped our housing situation for the better but they have had a huge hand in making our new life the happiest it’s ever been."

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