Times and Star readers have shared their thoughts after it was announced that one in every 25 miles of main road in Cumbria need repaired.

The AA said England’s roads are stuck in a rut with motorists facing a 'plethora of potholes' on their journeys.

Council-run roads were surveyed in the 12 months to March 2021 and classed as 'red' if they should be considered for maintenance.

Figures from the Department of Transport show four per cent of A roads in Cumbria were put in this worst category – up from three per cent in 2019-20.

And 10 per cent of B and C roads were also in need of work.

The proportion of A roads in need of repair is matches the average across England, where one in every 25 miles is in poor condition.

Portfolio holder for transport at Cumbria County Council, Councillor Keith Little, said: "Rurality is always a big problem for Cumbria, we have lots of roads with low volume.

"When they get monitored they often get found to have small faults.

"As far as the county council is concerned, we are limited with funding, relying on Government budgets."

He warned that going into winter, the damage to our roads could worsen.

The spell of bad weather in the flooding weeks ago caused almost £1,000,000 in damage to Cumbria's roads.

A recent AA survey indicated that nine out of 10 drivers want the Government to heavily invest in fixing local roads.

On the Times and Star’s Facebook page, road users have discussed the news.

Daniel Hopper said: “one in 10 roads could be in need of repair, the other nine definitely do need repaired.”

John Forster isn’t happy about recent works on one particular road. He shared: “They’ve just repaired the A66 at Cockermouth - Bassenthwaite and it’s shocking! What a waste of money!”

Bryan Hamilton continues: “Given the amount of traffic that comes our way and the bad weather, all major and rural roads need a good looking at.”

Carole Armstrong agrees. She added: “I think we need a re-count. All of our roads could do with a face-lift. They are shocking.”