PARENTS are being warned to keep an eye on what their children are doing online, after concerns were raised about chat websites.

Cumbria Police have been holding safety talks with children at schools, and have been made aware of websites youngsters have been accessing.

One site allows strangers to talk to each other but has no registration process.

Cumbria Police said: "During an internet safety talk in a primary school, a concerning website has been brought to our attention.

"The Omegle site is designed to talk to strangers and has an age rating of 18+ unless supervised by an adult.

"There is no registration process and users do not have to input any personal information.

"We have spent decades teaching our children about the dangers of speaking to strangers and for children to be using this website is very concerning.

"This is not app-based and can be used on any internet-enabled device. Please check if your children are using this website and that they are supervised when doing so."

Graham Frost, head teacher of Robert Ferguson Primary School in Carlisle, said: "Much, much more needs to be done to prevent websites abdicating all responsibility for child safety by allowing random strangers to talk to children online.

"Technology has greatly increased stranger danger. The number one thing parents must do is supervise their children’s use of any internet-linked device.

"Providing children with internet access needs to be viewed in the same way as allowing them to play out - parents need to know and limit where their children are going, who with, and for how long, and if they are not mature enough to make the right choices to keep themselves safe, they need to be kept in sight.

"This is the equivalent to putting restrictions on devices, both technically and through overseeing children’s online activities.

"Schools are working hard to educate children about keeping themselves safe online, and parents must also play their part.

"While children are learning it is only parental guidance and careful supervision which will protect them."