A CUMBRIAN musician is hoping to represent the UK at an international competition.

Sarah Gait, from Hesket Newmarket, hopes to be the UK representative for the international semi-final of World Vision Classic at home.

Sarah has already won the England category and needs votes for the next round.

She is also a composer with multiple awards, such as BBC Young Composer Winner, and broadcasts on BBC Radio.

For this round, Sarah had to submit a video of her performing.

She has made a bold choice, with a programme that makes high technical demands and requires committed and sensitive interpretation.

Her improvised Soliloquy is spontaneous, on-the-spot music from the heart.

The piece’s shape grows organically and draws the performer into combining vocalisation with the cello’s sounds.

Sarah’s video pairs this with a Bach Sarabande, which is one of the most reflective and heartfelt works for her instrument.

Now competing on a UK-wide level, the competition has gone up by a big jump.

Sarah is now competing not just with other English cellists but with winners of UK regional rounds across every instrument.

In the previous round, as well as winning both first prize and the golden ticket, Sarah received a study grant, which enables her to visit a masterclass in Hamburg to work with renowned cello pedagogue, Frans Helmerson.

Success in the next round would mean a further study grant and the chance to represent her country internationally.

Sarah is hoping for some Cumbrian support to get her to the next round.

She said: “Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing support so far! I’m so grateful to everyone who has voted for me, shared my video and even donated – it means so much to me.

“I would love to have your support in the national round and hope you might consider sparing a couple of moments to vote for me! I also hope you enjoy my new video – I had a lot of fun making this, as I love improvising and wanted to show off the amazing scope of the cello (and human voice!).”

You can vote at https://worldvision.classic-at-home.com/for-participants/608