A WEST Cumbrian sports club unveiled a new war memorial at the weekend.

Whitehaven Cricket Club held a ceremony on Sunday for the memorial.

It was to remember the twelve players at the club who lost their lives during both world wars.

The service was lead by Bransty British Legion Chaplain Rev. Rob Jackson.

He was assisted by Cumberland and Westmorland Royal British Legion parade marshall Rod Eglin and Bransty standard bearer Chris Eglin.

Whitehaven Town Council Mayor Chris Hayes was also in attendance alongside Copeland Council Armed Forces Champion Allan Forster.

Several other councillors from all parties were also there.

The club tried to invite representatives of organisations with whom those who had died had connections.

There were people representing the emergency services, the various schools in the area and local parish councils.

Some of the families of the deceased were also in attendance.

Phil McCormick, from Whitehaven Cricket Club, said: "The club were especially delighted that members of the Allen, Edmondson, Mean and Todhunter families were there to remember their fallen relatives.

"Family members had travelled from all over the country from places such as Kent, Yorkshire, Wales, Warwickshire and Lancashire.