A tale based on the unlikely acquaintanceship between two of Britain’s most loved personalities will come to life this month.

Brigham Village Hall will host the play ‘Murder, Margaret and Me’ on Saturday, 27 November.

The Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) production focuses on Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford, two of our greatest and most celebrated national treasures, who should never have been friends. Their paths crossed when they found themselves at the heart of one of British cinema's most successful franchises. However, the Miss Marple films almost didn't get made.

Agatha didn't want Margaret to bring her precious spinster to life and Margaret was mortified at the thought of upsetting her fans with something as sordid as murder. But this wasn't her only reason for resisting the part. Margaret had a tragedy buried deeply in her past. One that she'd lived with for a lifetime.

‘Murder, Margaret and Me’ is a story of friendship, identity and the achievement of women in the long-lost world of the silver screen.

As Agatha and Margaret play tug of war with Miss Marple, the Queen of Crime (being a woman who wasn't without a secret or two herself) finally unearths the shocking truth buried in Margaret's past.

Brigham Village Hall will be where the society perform the show for the final time.

CADS are performing the play on Thursday 25th at Blindcrake Village Hall and Friday 26th at Papcastle Village Hall. The show's opening night took part at Bothel and the group have also performed at Gilcrux.

Tickets cost £10 and are available from www.ticketsource.co.uk. Please visit Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society's (CADS) Facebook page for more information.