Residents of Carlisle can discover what really goes on inside the heads of serial killers at a talk this month.

Tullie House will host an ‘Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer’ evening on Friday 12th, when they will be joined by Cheish Merryweather who brings to the stage an all-new talk discussing several topics about serial killers.

Ms Merryweather is the founder of website Crime Viral, which has become one of the fast-growing online true crime communities since its inception in 2015, with more than 250,000 fans worldwide.

The two-hour talk will focus on investigating the darkest criminal minds and is guaranteed to shock.

Topics that Cheish will be discussing throughout the evening include the seven phases behind serial killing, how serial killers are caught, how to spot the serial killer next door, why women fall in love with serial killers and if guests have the mind of a serial killer.

The talk is based on psychiatric evaluations, courtroom transcripts, witness testimonies, crime scene evidence and criminal profiles. The host will closely detail what goes on in the mind of the most notorious cold-blooded killers.

Tickets for the talk cost £19.99 and are available through Event Brite.