A PENRITH festival celebrated its 10th edition at the weekend.

The Winter Droving festival took place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This was the first time that the event was held over three days.

The celebration included music, art and a light show.

Unlike other years, there was no parade to conclude the festival - a safety measure because of Covid-19.

It was organised by Eden Arts. Nikki Dawson, the event manager, said: "It was absolutely fantastic. With all of the challenges that we faced. In the week before the event, we were wondering if Plan B was going to be brought in.

"When that died down, we thought it would be plain sailing, but then the weather arrived which we weren’t expecting.

"The winds were the biggest problem, which is why on the Thursday we couldn’t trade as normal. We were full steam ahead Friday and Saturday.

"It was a wonderful event."

She added: "It was colourful, it was fun. I think it’s exactly what people need at this time of year.

"When it’s starting to get a bit dark and with all of the troubles that we’ve had in the past two years.

"It was just lovely to see everybody in their woolly hats, all wrapped up, having a little boogie. Just having a lovely time."

Those organising the event estimated that 6,000 attended over the three days.

Nikki said that it hit its peak of about 3,000 at one time on the Saturday.

She said: "It’s not just the traders that we bring in, it’s the food outlets that also do really well on this event. They’ve had such a hard time."

As a freelancer, Nikki won't be involved in next year's event.

She said: "Watch this space. I don’t know what Eden Arts has planned, but it usually pulls something amazing out of the bag.

"Let’s see what happens."