SINCE leaving the European Union, the UK government has gone around the world negotiating trade agreements with everybody they could find, usually at the expense of its farmers and fishermen.

These agreements are dangerous and it is important to understand the reason why.

Over the last 30 years more than half the ice on the Arctic ocean has melted and it is perfectly reasonable to expect the other half will melt as well over the next 30 years, within the lifetime of most of the people on planet earth who are alive today.

The consequence of this is that weather patterns will change in such a way as to make drought in the food-growing aras of the northern hemisphere much more likely and the crop failure that will be the result.

You could argue the government has been extremely clever in securing cheap food supplies from Australia and New Zealand but as the earth heats up and crops begin to fail, this food will go wherever the money takes it.

The only food security the people of this country have got is its farmers and fishermen whose interests their government has once again chosen to disregard.

Roy Ivinson
Whin Close, Silloth