READERS have been sharing their views on unvaccinated NHS staff.

Hundreds of health care workers at North Cumbria Integrated Care Trust are yet to receive a coronavirus vaccine, figures show.

There are still 409 unvaccinated workers within the trust, although the vaccination rate is still above the average for NHS trusts across England.

The Government is soon to announce its decision on whether to make vaccines mandatory for frontline NHS staff, though several leading health bodies have cautioned against doing so.

News & Star readers took to the publications Facebook page to share their opinions.

Some were quite clearly against the jab and supported the unvaccinated workers.

Paul Sharpe said: "They obviously like millions of others don't want it. Get over it and move on."

Ian Haslam agreed: "Bizarre scenario, mandating experimental treatments for anyone, but especially healthcare workers."

Brian Atkinson had similar ideas.

He said: "Good. Sensible people."

Stuart Millar was also in support.

He said: "They must be the cleverest not wanting to have an experimental drug.

"Trust in their own immunity to beat a virus with a 99 per cent recovery rate without any medical treatment."

Lou Wright also believed that healthcare workers should be allowed to decide for themselves.

She said: "Given that they worked through the worst of it pre-vaccine, the choice should be theirs and theirs only."

There were others who were pro-vaccine.

Bob Southward said: "Still waiting for my booster and can't wait to have it."

Sean Patrick Watson added: "I'm sure they'd be kept on if they have made intentions clear about having it."

Commenting on the News & Star website, a user called 'Sensible, often grumpy' said: "How can NHS staff not be vaccinated?

"Surely they in particular can see how important it is?

Would love to know the reasons given for not being vaccinated?"

'Adlyanfan' added: "Surely, for whatever reason these 409 workers are unvaccinated, they must take a supervised Covid test daily to eliminate the chance of spreading the virus."