A CARLISLE venue is thriving only months after reopening under new management.

The Old Fire Station reopened in September after being shut since March of last year.

Greystone Leisure Ltd, owned by Will and Maxine Morgan, successfully won the tender to lease the venue.

This was part of Carlisle City Council's plans to develop the venue and strengthen its role for the city's cultural life.

Will Morgan said that business had been going well so far.

He said: "It’s been great. Virtually every gig that we’ve had on has been sold out."

A host of big acts are set to perform at the venue soon.

These include Nazareth, Big Country and Lindisfarne.

The Old Fire Station has also managed to secure some big name residencies, such as Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club and The Comedy Store.

Mr Morgan said that this was only the beginning.

"Since we took the business over we’ve worked incredibly hard to get the right acts there, because you’re only as good as the people who are performing," he said.

"We’ve put a load of effort into getting as many bigger touring bands as we can, big name comedians.

"Because everything’s doing really well and selling, it’s getting us more and more interest from agents and promoters to put more and more on."

He added: "I’m thrilled that I can get these people to come and perform in Carlisle."

The venue is not only committed to attracting touring bands.

It has also worked as a platform for local musicians, displayed by a Battle of the Bands which the venue hosted earlier in the month.

This was well attended and the winners were Conflux, a local band who had never played a gig before.

They were awarded with their own headline show at the venue.

TheOld Fire Station is also offering bands rehearsal space and are putting on art exhibitions for local artists every fortnight.

Mr Morgan was optimistic: "The future is really bright for the venue because we have a jam packed schedule. We’ve pretty much got something on now four nights a week for the next twelve months.

"When people are booking we’re pretty much taking bookings for a year away because we’re so full.

"Lot’s of entertainment, lots of big bands, lots of comedy, lots of local support. More and more art exhibitions upstairs for the gallery."