As the weekend approaches many of us will be beginning to plan for our long-awaited days off (if you’re lucky!). As the seasons have turned, so has the weather, and the days are notably chillier than they were just a few weeks ago.

But as the weather changes, with it comes the beautiful autumnal colours that brighten up our walks before winter darkness fully descends upon us. Well, if it stays dry that is…

Met Office has released the weekend forecast for Cumbria, so you’ll know whether to don your best waterproofs this weekend or not.


For Carlisle on Saturday the forecast is predicted to be mostly dry and cloudy with highs of 13 degrees and lows of 11. It will get windier and cloudier later with some outbreaks of light rain.

Sunday sees some sunshine breaking through and the temperature rising ever so slightly to 15 degrees. However, periods of rain are forecasted for most of the day.


The weekend forecast is much the same for Barrow, with Saturday predicted to be mostly dry with temperatures reaching 14 degrees and lows of 11. Wind and more cloud should be expected later in the day.

Sunday is showing to be a wet day, with showers forecasted for most of the day, starting through the night.


Saturday is predicted to be dull and cloudy, with rain forecasted through the night and the odd shower during the day. Highs will be 14 and lows 12 degrees.

Sunday will be a wet day, with showers forecasted for the majority of the day. However, there will be some sunny spells trying to break through.


Saturday will be dry with highs of 12 degrees in Brough. Some breakthrough showers may occur, but chance of rain remains at 10% all day.

Sunday will also be giving temperatures of 12 degrees, but much like other areas, rain is predicted for the whole day, until early evening when that changes to heavy cloud. Lows drop to 8 degrees on Sunday.