A business is set to open a new spinal health clinic in Carlisle after more than half its customers were travelling from outside the area to access its popular services.

Peter Bennett set up the Penrith-based clinic in 2003 with his wife Janet just as their first daughter together was born.

Fast-forward 17 years, before the first lockdown, people from as far as Barrow-in-Furness were making a two-hour round trip to get regular treatment.

The clinic stayed open for emergencies throughout the Covid pandemic for people who needed natural treatment for spine-related pain to cope in isolation.

Now, demand for the company’s 12 weeks to health program has once again sky-rocketed with many of its returning customers from around Carlisle.

Peter said: “I think people have realised how important their spine’s health is to their everyday lives.”

When asked what he believes makes the program so popular he said: “We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years so we’re good at what we do, but I think people like how transparent we are.

“We talk about the customer’s goals and outline what we can deliver by 12 weeks and if they don’t get the promised outcome they’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee so it’s a no brainer.”

The family-run business will be opening on November 10 to make visiting easier for the surrounding area, particularly seniors who couldn’t travel to the old clinic without a carer.

Peter and his talented spinal therapist, Charlotte Wynne-Smythe, said they couldn’t wait to get started and are already accepting bookings for free consultations.

It will be welcome news to anyone needing natural relief from crippling back pain and other spine-related problems.

Contact Peter’s team on 01768 899 036 for a free consultation.