A popular Carlisle gastropub has announced when it is set to reopen after flooding closed its doors.

Diners and drinkers will be able to return to The Old Bank, on Fisher Street, from 5pm on Thursday, November 4.

Owner Matt Rayson is happy to be getting back to business after being shut for a month.

The Old Bank was forced to shut in September due to flooding caused by a dishwater malfunction which damaged the toilets, kitchen and hallways.

“It’s nice to have a date now that we’re working to,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, there are still bits and pieces that we’ve got to finish. But it’s a lot more positive.

“It’s nice to be back sorting stuff out again, starting slowly to put the restaurant back together.

“We’re preparing for the festive season. That’s been ongoing while we’ve been off.”

Mr Rayson had initially hoped that they would only be shut for few days but insurance issues extended this to a number of weeks.

NIGHTMARE: The pub was forced to close due to flooding

NIGHTMARE: The pub was forced to close due to flooding

Mr Rayson, who is also a chef, said that demand is high for tables.

“There’s very slim pickings as to what’s left up to New Year,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of people asking about December and we are very limited with what we’ve got left.

“I can’t stress enough that our bookings are nearly totally full.”

The Old Bank has closed several times in the last 18 months due to the pandemic and Mr Rayson has not enjoyed the experience.

He said: “It’s like lockdown again really, but this time it’s been worse because people have been doing normal business and you just seem to be helpless doing nothing.

“It’ll be a weird one [to reopen]. This will be the third or fourth time.

“I just hope there’s not going to be anything else that comes and makes us close again.”

He said that he is ready for the Christmas rush: “I’ll probably be absolutely inundated for the next eight weeks with Christmas and the rest of November. It’s definitely the busiest Christmas that we’ve ever had."