A group has been inspired by a documentary to spread awareness of their community larder.

Brampton Area Action Group, a grass root community group set up to help residents of Brampton and the surrounding villages, noted similarities in their practices to that of a Milan based project to tackle food waste.

The BBC documentary, 'Earth Shot' presented global prizewinners who have been developing initiatives which seriously reverse the trends of global warming and climate change.

One of the seven prizes that were awarded went to Milan city for their project to tackle food waste.

Their project involves networking with supermarkets and food outlets to prevent enormous amounts of food being wasted and sent to landfill.

Milan’s project collects such surplus food and offers it to “community larders” and food banks.

A spokesperson from Brampton Area Action Group spoke of a similar initiative: "We are delighted here in Brampton that such an initiative is already in progress in conjunction with Neighbourly and the Co-op.

"Brampton Area Action Group collects surplus food from several supermarkets and food outlets and is providing several initiatives based in the Methodist church.

"A weekly Community Larder runs every Friday morning at the church from 9.30 am until 12 midday.

"So do please visit us on Fridays at the Methodist Church Hall with a bag and help us to eliminate food waste.

"Milan City has achieved a world prize for its project, Brampton town is walking in the same footsteps.

"Congratulations to the Brampton Area Action Group