The Eden District Council leader has signed to the UK100 Net Zero Pledge ahead of COP26.

Councillor Virginia Taylor has joined 87 other leaders across the country in signing up to the pledge.

It commits local authorities to reducing their own emissions by 2030 and that of residents and businesses by 2045, five years ahead of the government's target.

Eden District Council has gone one step further and committed both itself and the Eden district as a whole to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Councillor Virginia Taylor said: "I’m delighted that Eden District Council is joining the UK100 network and that we will be part of the only association of Local Authorities across the UK committed to bringing each constituent council’s emissions to Net-Zero by 2030.

"Membership of the UK100 will put the Council in both national and international forums sharing best practice and will help to progress Eden’s climate change objectives and biodiversity commitments."

The commitments from rural and metropolitan councils come just a week before the COP26.

From 31st October until the 12th November, the UK is hosting COP26 in Glasgow; bringing together experts, heads of state and campaigners to tackle climate change.

Christopher Hammond, Network Membership Director at UK100, said: "The fundamental challenge of our time is moving towards Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions to preserve our way of life and avert climate breakdown.

Mr Hammond added: "Fantastic things are already happening from UK100’s ambitious members, in county, city and town halls across the country."