A YOUNG Eden Valley motorist has been handed a court bill of just over £800 after he admitted three driving offences.

John William Stewart, 23, of Thacka Lane, Penrith, admitted the following offences - all committed on January 13 - when his case was dealt with at at Carlisle's Rickergate Magistrates' Court:

* Failing to stop when required to by a uniformed police constable as he drove a white Toyota Hilux along the A689.

*Failing to comply with solid white line road markings on the A689 as he accelerated and overtook a HGV, crossing the lines and ignoring road warning sings.

* And failing to comply with a red traffic light on the A689.

The defendant originally denied all three offences but then changed his plea to guilty.

All three offences were committed shortly after 9.30am, the court heard.

Stewart was fined £506, and told to pay costs of £250 and a £51 victim surcharge.

His licence was endorsed with three points.