A Workington man has urged residents to help donate materials for a large Armistice display that will be erected at the end of the month.

Dave Lamb is hoping to place the display at Newlands Care Centre on Saturday 23rd in honour of his late stepfather Tommy Glynn.

Discussing Tommy, Mr Lamb said: “He was very passionate about anything he tried his hand at. He worked as a welder but also dedicated 20 years of his life to the Territorial Army, as well as being a member of the West Cumbria branch of the Royal Engineers. Another thing he was extremely passionate about was Remembrance Day. He made a great effort in raising awareness and letting the youth know about the event.

“He retired from work and, after recovering from a period of ill health, spent his final years working at the care centre, where he loved doing the gardening and outdoor spaces. He’d have his motorised lawnmower that he attached a big flag bearing the Royal Engineers emblem on. He always had a smile on his face and loved the outdoors.”

Dave decided that it would be nice to commemorate Mr Glynn by installing a massive display at Newlands in honour of the fallen. Speaking about his idea for the display, he said: “Tommy always took great pride in creating Armistice displays throughout the years and I want to make one more display for him but make it the biggest and best one yet.

My idea is to have a variety of flags remembering all our armed forces, displays and cutouts and I would love to have a cascade of around 3,000 poppies installed for the display. I’d also love to have lights installed so the display can be seen at night and can be visible to all who pass the centre.”

To make the display as special as it can be, however, Dave is looking for as much assistance as he can get. Mentioning what is still needed, he said: I would like some cable ties to help keep the designs on as well as some wood screws and paint.

I have a pattern that I can send to people who can knit and crochet poppies. If anyone is able to donate wood, wool and other materials it would be appreciated.”

If you are able to help with the creation of the display, contact Dave on tommysdisplay@gmail.com or call 07715 389741.