TV PERSONALITY Josie Gibson kicked off her new This Morning spin-off show 'Josie's Extreme Adventures' by scaling the Via Ferrata course at Honister Slate Mine.

The This Morning star visited the popular Lake District attraction to take part in every adrenaline junkies dream earlier this year.

The episode aired on this morning yesterday to kick off her spin off series.

As the camera zoomed in on Josie looking petrified as she hung from a harness on a mountain side at Honister Slate mine in Cumbria, Josie began, “Today, we’re kicking it all off on the side of a ridiculously high mountain top. That’s right, I’m taking on the via ferrata extreme challenge and I hate heights!”

Speaking to the Slate Mine Activity Manager, Prentice Wilkinson-Weir, Josie told him, “I’ve never heard of a via ferrata before in my life. It can’t be that bad, it sounds like a Spanish omelette!’

He replied: “It’s not quite a Spanish omelette - you’ll get a bit nervous up there I think, it’s quite high up.”

Josie’s nerves suddenly got the better of her as she accidentally called Prentice Prestice and then Preston.

And things got worse when Josie asked the activity guide what happens if you fall off and he replied, “Most likely you’ll die.”

As she bravely scaled a vertical wall, Josie told her guide she thinks she had a “little panic attack”. On completing the climb, she said, “I am absolutely knackered. It takes every little single muscle in your body to get up there and we finally made it.”

But there was another hurdle to overcome - the Infinity Bridge - a bridge suspended 1,000 metres in the air. As she was half way across the bridge, Josie told her guide, “I feel a bit faint, honestly.” She added, “Honestly, I’m going to have a heart attack. This is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.” As she finally reached the end, she excitedly said, “As you can see, I absolutely smashed that! I need a cup of tea!”

She added, “I did it and that was tough, but I’ll let you into a little secret, I’m actually starting to enjoy these extreme adventures.”

The rest of the series sees Josie try out a skydive, a canyoneering exploration and a white water rafting experience.