Readers have been responding to a letter criticising Cumbria County Council's decision to launch a judicial review into the Government's decision to reform local government

The UK Government made the decision to reform how Cumbria is run earlier this year, launching a consultation into how the new model of Local Government should look.

The winning proposal will see two Local Authorities in Cumbria as opposed to six, one for Carlisle, Allerdale and Copeland, another for Barrow, Eden and South Lakeland, but in August, the county council sent a pre-action protocol letter warning of their intention to seek a judicial review into the decision.

Labour councillor Alan McGuckin said: "I think it's a sensible decision, the next stage is to apply for a judicial review, it'll go to a judge and we'll decide if there's a case.

"I think the decision was faulted and politically biased"

The letter criticising this decision, written by Anthony Robinson of Lansdowne Close in Carlisle, said: "I was appalled by Cumbria County Council’s decision.

"Such a procedure is not only very expensive but requires substantial resources which one assumes the council must have.

"Should the council lose it will also be responsible for the Government’s substantial costs.

"But hang on a minute, it’s not really the council that is paying for this, it is every council tax payer in Cumbria, so why worry about the cost or even bother to tell us about it?

"The council has no money, so it says, to fund a new primary school in north Carlisle yet it can embark on yet another money pit disaster, presumably with the objective of saving the jobs of county council employees using our council tax to fund it."

Here is what you had to say.

Heather Marie Berry said: "It certainly needs reorganised.

"Take, take, take then give us nothing of much use back."

Craig Brass said: "Totally agree with Anthony.

"If anything we could do with getting rid of Cumbria County Council!

"All they do is waste our money!"

Andy Sabin-Hope said: "Personally, I'd scrap the county council entirely and make the local councils truly accountable. that's a dream obviously."