A FOOTBALL legend visited a Carlisle school to pass on tips about wellbeing.

Central Academy welcomed Manchester United legend Denis Irwin to the school, where he assisted in a training session for a group of pupils before answering questions during an assembly.

Discussing the reasons behind the visit, Irwin said: “The Manchester United Foundation has 28 schools in Greater Manchester, and this is the first one outside that area so we’re excited about it.

"We have a representative who works personally with the school, and we hope that through the power of football and Manchester United that we can teach them all about wellbeing.

“Through courses and training we want to make sure people are looking after themselves and building up confidence. Football is very good from a social aspect, and it lets you work in a team. There are so many benefits and the foundation will teach them about confidence and aspirations, loads of things someone needs to move forward in life.”

Speaking about his role within the charity, Irwin continued: “The foundation is 15 years old and for the first eight or nine years I was a trustee. It was a big learning curve for me to learn how charities work. In the last five years I have helped, like what I’m doing in Carlisle today, and it really is amazing, the work they do.”

The school’s principal, Dan Markham, shared: “We are really pleased that the Manchester United Foundation have decided to build a base here in Carlisle and have chosen us as the school they want to partner with.

“It has been fantastic to give our students the opportunity to meet and engage with a true sporting legend and role model like Denis Irwin – a man who built his career on playing fairly and being strong and resilient. I have no doubt that his words will have inspired many of our young people to aim high and persist in reaching their goals.

“At Central Academy we are committed to delivering a well-rounded and enriching education to our young people – what we call an education with character. Alongside ensuring they achieve strong academic outcomes, this means providing them with opportunities where they can strengthen their leadership skills, face new challenges head on and develop the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

“We are very much looking forward to continuing our work with the foundation over the coming years and ensuring our young people continue to benefit from all the partnership has to offer.”