This year will see the return of the Carlisle Blues and Rock Festival, which will be held from Friday, October 8 until Sunday, October 10.

Because of this, we decided to take a look through our image archives to see what the Carlisle Blues and Rock Festival looked like in the past.

These photos show the festival as bands and artists performed in 2012.

The highly acclaimed Carlisle Blues Festival began in 2007 and celebrated five incredibly exciting and successful years with a weekend event in November 2011 which many regarded as the best UK blues festival of the year.

2012 even surpassed that, lifting the event into the top three of its kind in the country.

The 2012 edition saw a name change when ‘Rock’ was introduced into the title.

The April 2012 edition of the Classic Rock magazine devoted several pages to blues referring to it as ‘the new rock revolution’ and stated: "It would appear that blues is on a roll, the signs are there, the genre most certainly has a new energy but it’s not the old purist blues, which has always failed to attract or inspire the masses, it’s the high-voltage blues that’s giving the rock and blues scene a massive shot in the arm.

"It’s a great time for a blues boom, 2012 looks like being the year for it to happen."

The Carlisle Blues and Rock Festival had always had a strong line up and refused to be restricted within a genre.

Never shy to include acts leaning towards Soul or Americana, or Rockabilly or Jazz, it couldn’t guarantee to please all of the people all of the time but it did manage to please the most part of its audience for most part of the time.

This year it is returning after it first being thought that 2019's festival would be the last due to financial limitations.

All of the tickets for this year's Blues and Rock Festival have sold out, meaning the festival will see a huge crowd of supporters of the blues and rock scene.

Despite this, Covid related hygiene measures will be in place.

The festival is to be held at The Crown and Mitre Hotel, and will feature bands such as Blues Caravan and Band of Brothers.