CASES of Covid among young people in Cumbria remain high despite overall cases only rising one per cent compared to the previous seven days.

The five-11 and 12-18 age groups accounted for by far the greatest rates of new cases in the county (1,146 and 2,113 new cases per 100,000 population respectively) although new cases decreased slightly compared to the previous week (-11% and -2% respectively).

Data also shows the 80+ age group experienced the greatest proportional increase (an increase of 23, +72%, from the previous week). 

Although this is only a small numerical increase, a 72 per cent rise is a worrying change among the most high-risk age group, said health bosses.

The number of new patients admitted to hospital with a COVID-19 positive status in Cumbria also increased by 15 compared to the previous week.

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s Director of Public Health, said: “The overall picture in Cumbria has remained relatively stable this week compared to the previous one, but there’s still some concerning trends in the latest data.

“We have to get to grips with cases amongst the younger age groups and this means washing hands regularly, covering faces whenever possible, getting tested regularly – especially if they’ve developed symptoms – and getting vaccinated if they’re aged 12-18.
“It’s also concerning to see cases creeping up amongst some older age groups – particularly the over 80s.
“If you haven’t already, please accept your COVID-19 booster vaccine when you’re offered it by the NHS.
"Remember though, there’s no need to contact the NHS for your booster, they will contact you.”
The latest vaccine data shows 88 per cent of those aged 16+ have now received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with 84 per cent having received both doses.
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