THE Farmer Network, based in Penrith, is hosting a series of workshops and some free one-to-one advice for farmers as concern is growing within the agriculture industry as to what the future of farming may look like in diverse counties like Cumbria.

They include a series of workshops and some free one-to-one advice for farmers.

The Network suggests that these will also help farmers to manage the upcoming changes, make informed decisions about the future, and maximize the opportunities offered by the new ELM schemes. Any tenant or owner-occupied farm currently in receipt of BPS in England is eligible to join.

The Welcome meeting dates in Cumbria are: Monday, October18 at the Hired Lad, Penrith; Thursday, October 21 at Mitchell’s Auction Café, Cockermouth; Monday, October 25 at the Farmer’s Arms, Lowick.

The meetings will be led by Veronica Waller, Senior Project Manager with the Farmer Network. She says, “The programme is about considering options for the future, and we are really looking forward to working with Cumbria farmers on this project”.

Farmer Network Managing Director Adam Day adds, “Farming in future will bring challenges and opportunities. We’re keen to help farmers make sure they don’t miss out and therefore we hope they will come to our welcome meetings as a starting point. We’ve spread them across the county and there are still some places available, although uptake is increasing all the time”.

For more information and to express an interest in taking part, please call the Farmer Network on 01768 868615, email