A theatre which has been in Carlisle since 1951 is setting the stage for its official reopening after 18 months of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Carlisle Green Room Theatre, West Walls, Carlisle, will be welcoming new and returning visitors with a production of Handbagged by Moira Buffini on Monday October 11.

The Mayor of Carlisle, Pamela Birks, will be in attendance at 6.15pm to officially reopen the theatre.

The play is about the imagined and real meetings between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher during her term in office as Prime Minister.

Director of the production, John Metcalf said that although the play covered "serious incidents", it was written in a "wry comic style which is very entertaining and has kept audiences smiling (and laughing) all over the country when it has been performed by professional theatres."

For more information about the play and tickets, visit https://www.carlislegreenroom.uk/shows/.