READERS were quick to let their views be known after a Carlisle band announced that it will perform in prisons as part of its upcoming tour.

Hardwicke Circus will be performing in prisons across the country, as well as some other venues.

The band believe that prisoners ought to have the opportunity to listen to music.

They will play mostly Category C prisons like Young Offenders' Institutes and those with inmates who are soon to be released.

They will also get inmates up on the stage to perform with them and will host question and answer sessions at the end of each show.

Some of the prisons that the band will be performing at include Downview Prison in Surrey and Maidstone Prison in Kent.

A few News & Star readers denounced the idea on the publication's Facebook page.

Heather Marie Berry said: "I thought prison was a punishment not an entertainment venue."

Some readers held similar views, such as Egils Zivtins.

He said: "Prisoners should be breaking rocks under a hot sun, not being entertained."

Nic Barnes added: "Bit pointless as there is nobody In prison they all get released so would be a small if zero audience."

Others used the story as an opportunity for some comedy.

Craig Lanchbery said: "If they don’t play Jailhouse Rock, or I want to Break Free, they need locking up themselves."

David McNaughton gave his own suggestion.

He said: "Folsom Prison Blues."

John Hastings added: "Captive audience guaranteed."

Michael Rowlandson also said: "A captive audience."

Daniel Lowry used the announcement to make a joke at the band's expense.

He said: "I mean it's almost apt really, seeing them live feels like a prison sentence."

Others thought it was a good idea.

David McCubbin said: "It worked for Johnny Cash."