News and Star readers have shared their delight over a new television series streaming on Netflix.

Squid Game is the Korean thriller that no one saw coming and it's on to track to become the streaming service's biggest hit ever.

The nine-part series only dropped on a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like it is hot on the heels of the platform's beloved regency drama Bridgerton and fantasy series The Watcher.

In just the 13 days since it premiered, the hit show has topped the Netflix charts in 90 countries with 95% of its viewers outside South Korea. The popularity has made show creator Hwang Dong-hyuk re-think his initial plans of going back to making movies.

The gripping show follows a desperate debt-ridden group of people who sign up to a mysterious competition. The participants have to play popular children's games for the chance to win 45.6 billion South Korean won (£28 million) but there's a very deadly catch.

Netflix’s CEO, Ted Sarandos, Sarandos said that the survival drama has a very big chance of becoming the biggest Netflix show ever, and currently ranks as the number one show worldwide on the service. In an interview he said: “We did not see that coming, in terms of its global popularity.”

On the News and Star’s Facebook page, Cumbrians have discussed how much they enjoyed the series.

Natalie Wykes thoroughly enjoyed the show, saying: “Yes, it is a brilliant series.”

Mark Costello writes: “I’ve just seen it. It’s a gruesome game show drama and is terrifying.”

Rebecca Wallace thinks everyone should give it a watch. She responded: “Yes, I loved it! I would highly recommend to others.”

John Richards is looking forward to more episodes being made in the future. He commented: “It’s brilliant. Korean movies and series are the best. Season 2 will go ahead.”