A CARLISLE band have announced that their upcoming tour will be something a bit different.

Hardwicke Circus will be performing in prisons across the country, as well as some other venues.

The band believe that prisoners ought to have the opportunity to listen to music the way anyone else would.

Dave Robinson, the band's manager, said: "Music has its part to play in helping people communicate and I wanted the band to see the other side of the story as well."

They will play mostly Category C prisons like Young Offenders' Institutes and those with inmates who are soon to be released.

On this tour, for the first time, the band will be playing in women's prisons.

They will often get inmates up on the stage to perform with them and will host Q and As at the end of the show.

They say that they often get a very good response from the inmates who will ask questions about how to get a job in the industry once their sentence is over.

Dave explained that it is a 'remarkable situation' and they get actual communication from the prisoners.

This is their first tour back after lockdown and they have some big plans ahead of them.

As well as the twelve prison dates they will also be performing at over eighteen other venues.

With over a month and a half of back to back shows.

Johnny Foster, lead singer for Hardwicke Circus, said: "We can't wait, its been forever since we've been able to go on a full tour.

"Playing in prisons are some of the best gigs you can ever do.

"We're dead excited to take our music and our message back out onto the roads and into jails."

Some of the prisons that the band will be performing at include Downview Prison in Surrey and Maidstone Prison in Kent.

The band have also had some new members join the group and Johnny described them as some of the best musicians in the country.

They spend eight hours a day rehearsing at their studio in Carlisle and they say they just can't wait to get back out there.

Mr Foster added: "Whatever comes our way we are ready for it."