EastEnders (BBC1): After Suki refuses to give her any time off to go to Miami with Janet, Honey tells Jay that her boss tried to kiss her. He then passes the news to Kheerat, who reacts by slamming Jay against a wall and accusing Honey of lying.

Suki is mortified but when Honey tries to reassure her she has nothing to be ashamed of, Suki slaps and threatens her. It seems she may have finally pushed her employee too far, as Honey points out that the kiss isn’t the only thing she could tell people about.

Meanwhile, Rocky is rattled when Dotty’s drunken mum Sandy turns up at the club, worried she will blow his cover. Despite his fears, Dotty invites her for a chat.

Rainie has her own encounter with Sandy, which only fuels Bernie’s fears that she is back on drugs. Keegan considers getting out of Walford for a while to stay with Keanu, but Bernie asks if it’s such a good idea when he’s worried about Tiffany.

Martin asks Peter for a job, and Bobby tries to make amends with Dana.

Food for Thought

Coronation Street (ITV): Speed Daal is in trouble – it can’t make a profit on takeaways alone, so Zeedan tries to encourage more people to dine in the restaurant. Unfortunately, Debbie gets wind of his idea and sabotages it. However, he may have the last laugh – if his father-in-law doesn’t get to him first.

Despite growing increasingly sick of seeing Corey’s smug face seemingly at every turn, Nina decides the only way she can move forward is by putting the past behind her and making the most of her life. Kevin wishes Abi would take a similar approach, but instead she’s gone missing, taking £5k from their joint account with her. Sally’s obsession with parking regulations looks set to scupper her anniversary celebrations, much to Tim’s disgust. James persuades Weatherfield County to begin training its black players - including himself - to become managers, while Summer impresses Daniel by getting through to Max, and Jenny’s attempt to find Daisy a man fall flat.

Queen of Meena

Emmerdale (ITV): Priya is alarmed when David collapses, and offers to move in with him. When Meena returns home and spots the suitcases, she initially assumes that Vic has got her feet under the table, leaving her shocked when she discovers the identity of her boyfriend’s new housemate.

However, that doesn’t stop Meena taking control as she warns Vic to stay away. Her behaviour becomes even more sinister as she deliberately triggers David’s anxiety and announces she’ll be overseeing his medication.

Over at the Woolpack, Chas tells Al he can have a third of the pub, rather than the 50 per cent stake he was expecting. Will he accept the deal, and if so, why he is so desperate to own a share?


Hollyoaks (C4): There’s drama at Brody’s funeral as Sienna, spurred on by Damon’s harsh words, locks herself inside the venue. Liberty manages to persuade her to come out, only for the aspiring teacher to stumble into an incident with DeMarcus when she returns to school.

Ollie’s plans to quit Hollyoaks for London look set to be scuppered after his dad’s health becomes an issue, although he’s fit enough to try it on with Evie. Martine gets a letter about her mastectomy appointment and pushes it to one side to focus on DeMarcus, but when she does think about it, she ends up admitting her fears about how Felix will feel about her afterward.

Nancy confiscates Charlie’s condoms, but her drastic action has no effect as he and Ellie decide they’re ready to have sex, despite being under age. Plus, Yazz’s meddling gets her into trouble and Toby has to postpone the psychological evaluation for his kidney donation.

Baby Terror

Neighbours (C5): Aaron and David are thrilled to step out as a family when they take Isla to the film festival, but their joy turns to terror when the tot is kidnapped. Levi thinks he knows who’s behind it, but a shock lies in store.

There’s more heartache for David as Paul lets slip about Aaron’s hand in Jesse’s disappearance, leaving Terese disgusted at Paul’s machinations.

Susan and Mackenzie join forces and try to help Melanie win Toadie back. She’s got a mountain to climb, as Rose has her feet firmly under the table, but when Melanie’s ‘Ode to Toad’ starts playing at the film festival, it could be a turning point.

A testicular cancer testing booth brings out all Erinsborough’s men, while three Ramsay Street households are thrown into utter chaos when the truth of what has really been going on over the past few months finally comes to light.

Trouble and Strife

Home and Away (C5): Tori and Christian eagerly start planning their wedding, only for Logan to end up in her emergency department with a head injury.

Romance is back on the cards for Jasmine too, as Cash asks her on a second date, only for Felicity to rear her head again. However, this time Jasmine ends up alone with her and learns about Cash’s reluctance to talk about his father.