Workington Reds bosses say they have more initiatives in the pipeline after the success of their ‘groundhopper’ day.

A special ticket offer brought a 644 crowd for last Saturday’s game against 1874 Northwich.

It was Reds’ second-highest home crowd of the season so far.

And club chiefs say they will continue to come up with new ideas for tempting people to Borough Park.

Director Richard Lewthwaite said: “We’re looking at different ways to develop the number of people coming through the turnstiles each week.

“We can’t just hope for the best and wait and see what happens. We’re always looking for different ideas.

“There are one or two initiatives we’re working on behind scenes. We’re not quite ready to go public with them at the moment, but watch this space over the next few weeks.”

Reds’ game last weekend – a 2-2 draw for Chris Willcock’s side – saw a £20 ticket offer which gave fans entry to the game, a full ground tour, programme, team sheet, pint in the Tony Hopper bar and a new style club badge.

Lewthwaite explained how the club came up with the idea.

“I accidentally got myself on a Facebook group which is dedicated to these guys who travel round to non-league grounds across the country,” he said.

“Me being nosey more than anything else, I wanted to see what other clubs were doing.

“One guy posted a picture of the outside of Borough Park, and I said, ‘If you’re ever in the area, look us up’.

“Next thing I got a Facebook message saying they were heading up our way shortly. That was earlier in the season, and on the day I got talking to him, showed him round, and thought there’s maybe a way we could build on that a bit further.

“I put it out there on Facebook to ask what people would like, rather than us simply coming up with a concoction. People suggested a kind of inclusive ticket, and I added on the tour aspect, so we could play on our history.

“We didn’t set any targets or aims, but it was a resounding success and we’ll look to build on that in the future.”

Workington’s draw kept them top of Northern Premier League West Division. They remain unbeaten in the league and go to Glossop North End on Saturday.

Lewthwaite added: “The product is quite good at the moment. On Saturday it wasn’t brilliant in the second half but, by and large, the product has pretty much sold itself, over the two Covid-aborted seasons with what Danny Grainger started, and now what Chris has taken on.

“But it’s massively important we keep trying new things. If you look across the Workington crowd, it is an older demographic that’s coming week in, week out.

“We’ve got to keep feeding new ones in from the bottom and keep the interest flowing, and build on what is effectively the future of the club.”