As we creep closely towards Halloween, one particular attraction in Allerdale has been causing quite a stir amongst locals.

Lakeland Hauntings host ghost walks in both Keswick and Cockermouth, where guests will get to learn about the area’s dark secrets lying beneath the waters of the lakes, in the shadows of the fells and in the ancient superstitions of the lake counties.

In Keswick, people are required to follow ‘The Lady’ who provides an intriguing tale on the town’s history full of murder, intrigue and tortured souls. Starting and ending at The Moot Hall, guests will learn about Keswick’s dark past along slate-built houses and surrounding lakes.

In Cockermouth, guests will walk to and from The Bush where they will discover more about the town’s hidden tales of “Boggles ‘n sec lyke” for a very Cumbrian haunting.

Both walks last an hour and a half and interested parties are advised to make use of any rest rooms before the tour as there are no facilities along both courses. The walks are written with an adult audience in mind but are broadly accessible to children 10 years and above.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be done so through the Lakeland Hauntings website.