A volunteer from North Cumbria Integrated Care, who battled with anxiety and her mental health during the menopause has written a book about her experiences.

Singer and entertainer Judith Cook, age 58, wrote the book during lockdown.

The former Blue Coat received help from the Trust’s psychologists and her book - My Doors of Destiny - is released on October 1 with a launch at Gateway 4 Women,Denton Holme, Carlisle.

Judith, who now works as a Meet and Greet volunteer at the Cumberland Infirmary, first encountered problems with anxiety when she was diagnosed with a rapid heartbeat.

She said: “I would get palpitations.

"The doctor said I was pre-menopausal and it was nothing to worry about.

Judith was on medication but says the whole experience nearly destroyed her life and her marriage.

She said: “I just felt I had to write down all my experiences. My story needed to be told. I hope it will help others in a similar situation.”

Dr Louise Harrold, Senior Clinical Psychologist at NCIC, helped Judith.

Judith said: “Louise was my saviour. She was a life saver and got me back on track.

“I feel better now but I want other people to know that there is help out there but you really have to look for it and be persistent."

To buy it, visit www.mydoorsofdestiny.com.